High Commercial Court Decisions

In March 2009. the Judges web has presented a project named „High Commercial Court of the Republic of Croatia - judicial practice“ realised in cooperation wtih High Commercial Court and financial backup from Ministry of foreign affaires of the Kingdom of Norway at project's phase one (making of the application) as same as financial support from Ministry of foreign affaires ofthe Kingdom of Netherlands (publishing and data-base updating).

The project makes overwieving of the High Commercial Court and Commercial Court's newest practice possible while enabling for first and second degree Court's decisions to be accesible to public.

At this moment the data base contains 28.159 High Comercial Court second degree decisions and 1.148 Commercial Court first degree decisions linked to second degree decisions which makes this base a unique one in the Republic of Croatia. The web application enables, between other things, simple and precise search through decisions based on 6000 key words and parameters suggested by High Commercial Court judges.

Besides regular delivery of second degree decisions, the High Commercial Court also provides delivery of Commercial Courts' decisions. Through publishing of the newest High Comercial Court and Commercial Courts' judicial practice, the decisons have become accessible to general public. The very publishing of decisions brought in particular disputes could exert an influence on parties to solve potential pleas through other legally accessible alternative ways of resolving disputes and thereby indirectly add to disburdening of Courts.

The project has been realised in compliance with the National program for corruption suppression 2006-2008 and as such presents a strong anti-corruption measure.

The projects value has been recognozed by the Ministry of justice which patronaged the projects presentation.

All High Commercial Court Decisions are in Croatian language.


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