Municipal and County Court Judicial practice

Publishing of the Municipal and County Court Judicial practice presents the Judges web core project which began 2001. Through this project the Judges web partakes in implementing and executing Government reforms regarding anti-corruption strategies and strenghtening transparency in Municipal and County Court judicial practice. In 2005 the Ministry of Justice has signed a project ceding contract and  thus recognized the projects significance.

The publishing of Courts decisions on Internet pages has enabled quick access to judicial practice, concrete insight to proceedings as same as control and direct public involvement.

The ultimate goal is achieving increased judicial pratices' consistency, introducing control increasing mechanisms with lessening in numbers of left over cases as same as gaining case insight possibilities without going to numerous hearings.

Zagreb Faculty of Law stuents have partaken in projects development . They have performed tasks of scanning the decisions, transferring them into digital form and processing it according to the set processing standards.

Prior to publishing, decisions have been reviewed and supplemented by the judges

The dana-base will get furthter updated in cooperation with the Muncipal and County Courts

Current base data:
  • Total number of published Court decisions in Croatia     9,879
  • Total number of Laws and articles stated and link-connected to the decisions text 5,646
  • Total number of registered users 7,855

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