The number of commercial courts will be reduced

vjesnik_18032009.jpgAll decisions reached by High Commercial Court from 2005 till 2008 will be available on Tuesday on under title "High Commercial Court decisions". On the promotion of the internet site on Tuesday the Minister of Justice, Ivan Simonovic, announced the reduction in the number of commercial courts that will be made according to the number of cases, judges and geographical particularities.

"Work of these courts will have to change because their cases will become more complex when we join the EU. The existing number is irrational because some courts have a lack of cases, while others have many cases", emphasized Simonovic. More than 20.000 original decisions reached by High Commercial Court, together with client's and judge's names will be announced on the website. You can search the website by entering key word, company, client or the number of verdict.

Together with decisions reached by High Commercial Court, you will find decisions reached by lower courts, and the website will be updated every two months after reaching decision. Project worth 118.000 euro was financed by Norway and made by Court net (Sudacka mreza). Minister of Justice has to choose new president of High Commercial Court. "That president will have to introduce the programme of the fast-solving problem", emphasized Simonovic. Branka Cirakovic, High Commercial Court officer in charge, said that around 25.000 cases have been unresolved on lower commercial courts and annual inflow of unresolved cases on High Commercial Court amounts 11.000 and she emphasized that the main reason for piling up the cases lies in ignorance and lack of business moral. President of Supreme Court, Branko Hrvatin, stressed the importance of the fact that from now on the public will be able to witness if the decisions reached by High Commercial Court are independent and if the judges judged fairly. Hrvatin also pointed the importance of balancing the court practice for trained public because 32 percent of decisions reached by lower courts are abolished on High Commercial Court. When the journalist asked him why the names in decisions reached by Supreme Court are not announced, he said that those are natural persons whose privacy should not be encroached. Finally, Simonovic added that publishing their verdicts, and property cards, is not an insult to judges but a way of returning reputation and dignity of the profession of judge that is sometimes questioned.

Vjesnik, 18.03.2009.

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