Court Interpreters List

The project constitutes a unique data base of all Court Interpreters in Croatia, in English and Croatian language.

The data was collected through Courts and via direct contact with Court Interpreters with whom was also agreed  to perform  periodic data base updating. Prior to this project such web page list did not exist and in this way the first unique electronic data base was put in place which had significant impact on speed and administrative accessibility in Courts,all of which resulted in mutual work and communication integration of Courts.

On June 12th 2008. a new statute was brought stating the necessity for unique Croatia wide electronic data base while the Judges web has had such data base realised already.

The search engine provides a possibility of search  and with particular Court Interpreters besides general information the data on translation methods, tarrifs and similar is also included.

The data base also contains data on Courts, their territorial  jurisdiction with reference to active Court  Interpreters enlisted on each court as same as ground plans and for some Courts  office layouts and basic data on judges.

In such way users are provided with easier search and faster contact with the interpreters.
Data entry and updating is performed by commercial and County  Court employees with active support provided by the Judges Web.

Data base presently contains:
     *   2.217 individual Court Interpreters pages

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