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nacional_28042009.jpgThanks to NGO Judge's Web, Croatia is becoming the leader in regional judicial co-operation. An official presentation of a web portal which contains all web sites of courts in Macedonia, a browser of those court's authorities and the list of all web sites of court interpreters and expert witnesses will take place on Tuesday in Skopje. The project has been developed by Judge's Web in Croatia and Judicial Web in Macedonia. This is the first project of regional co-opration that includes two organizations from the region, which were in the realization of project co-operating with Macedonian and Croatian governments. Judge's Web developed a project in Croatia in co-operation with the Ministry of Justice and afterwards it handed it over to the government free of charge. The project will be presented in Skopje by the president of Judge's Web NGO, Drazen Komarica. Numerous high judicial representatives from Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia will be present at the presentation, and donor representatives as well.

Nacional, 28.04.2009.

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