More Transparent Sale of Assets with "Web Bankruptcy"

The principal idea was to collect all public notices from bankruptcy proceedings in Croatia in one place and enable their verification for interested buyers

novi_list_24022007.jpgRIJEKA - Yesterday in the Union's Home Franjo Belulovic the presentation of the web page "Web Bankruptcy" was held for the commercial court judges from Rijeka and Pazin as well as for bankruptcy trustees from the areas covered by those courts. The web page, inter alia, publishes notices on the sale of assets in bankruptcy proceedings.

-Upon initiating this project, the principal idea was to collect and publish all notices from bankruptcy proceedings in Croatia in one place and, in addition, to enable their verification for interested buyers - said at the conference Iva Sokol, representative of Judge's Web, one of the stakeholders in the project whose main goal is free publishing of the sale of assets of bankruptcy debtors, which increases the availability of notices on selling the assets as well as the transparency of the work of commercial courts in bankruptcy procedures. Namely, the information gathered by this project may be accessed free of charge on the web page of Judge's Web or on the web page of the High Commercial Court of the Republic of Croatia by selecting the link "web bankruptcy" as well as on the web page of the Ministry of Justice. Apart from being intended for judges and bankruptcy trustees, this internet page is also intended for the public so that citizens can learn basic information about bankruptcy, followed by examples from judicial practice, currently only those from the Commercial Court in Zagreb while those from Rijeka are still expected. Furthermore, regulations and laws pertaining to bankruptcy procedures as well as maps of jurisdiction of particular courts may be found on the web page.

-But what will be of special interest to potential buyers, domestic and foreign, is the fact that, along with the notice on the sale of bankruptcy assets, they can receive information on the seller or bankruptcy trustee, institution or the commercial court within which the assets are sold as well as photographs of the assets. Also, for any individual real property there is a local map which allows inspection of its position as well as a copy of the cadastral plan and it also lists links to cadastre and land registry web pages so that the verification of properties which are electronically processed by those offices may be performed in real time - said Mario Vukelic, judge of the High Commercial Court.

Novi list, 24.02.2007.

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