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The Ministry of Justice formally acquired Judge's web project developed during the last decade by a non-governmental association of the same name in the Croatian Chamber of Commerce on Monday, 30m May. It is a portal that positions Croatia above the average level of information technology application into judiciary systems of the EU highly developed countries. Judge's web comprises Internet sites of all the courts and State Attorney's Offices in Croatia, several thousand internet sites of court experts and court interpreters with a possibility of advanced searching, an jurisdiction explorer that enables the citizens with a certain law interest to find out which court or which State Attorney's Office has actual jurisdiction over the individual region, as well as a data base of judgements and sentences that may be researched very easily and in many details.

Two language contents 

The majority of accessible contents are two-language contents written in Croatian and in English language. Judge's web is available at the Internet address At the acquisition of the project, the Minister of Justice.Vesna Škare-Ožbolt, expressed her satisfaction with the cooperation with the non-governmental association Judge's web that has been active since the beginning of her term of office. The President of Judge's web, Dražen Komarica, presented the project to the present while the Norwegian Ambassador, Knut Toraasen, whose country is one of the main donors to the project, made an occasional speech. He called the Judge's web project to be a historic event within the context of the Croatian judiciary administration. Signing of the contract has followed long and not always easy negotiations between the Ministry and the non -governmental association. Judge's web has enabled the Government to take part at the UN annual assembly project Innovmed celebrating in Tunes at the end of June even before the formal acquisition of the project Innovmed compnses 23 Mediterranean countries that will present its projects supporting improvements of public administration. In that sense, the UN has recognised Judge's web as one of the more prospective projects in the region that could be easily applicable to other countries as well. In addition to the acquisition of Judge's web. the Government prepares other changes that should strengthen the operation of the state of rule of law. In order to decrease queues in land registers, the Government prepares regulations enabling attorneys at law and public notaries to issue necessary confirmations as well that up to now citizens could only get in the land registers. Such speed-up of operation and disburdening of land registers would enable linking of electronic data bases and confirmations will be issued with electronic signatures.

Speed-up of proceeds 

The Ministry of Justice prepares a new system of subpoena servicing. Nowadays judiciary system spends some 100 million kunas per year referring to costs of subpoena submissions by the post. In the future subpoena will be sent by e-mails. It is expected that it will be the largest contribution to speeding up of proceedings at commercial courts. The Ministry of Justice also makes efforts on the implementation of legal changes that will enable a significant shortening of proceedings That changes will enable the second instant court to return appeals for making decisions to the first instant courts, the municipal courts, only once that up to now has not been the case. In the future, if the second instant court receives the appeal for the second time, the second instant court will be obliged to reach a legally valid decision.

Nacional, 31.05.2005.

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