Sale of bankruptcy assets on the internet

nacional_12122006.jpgDražen Komarica, the president of NGO Judges Web and counsellor to the Minister of Justice Ana Lovrin, few days ago held the new project presentation at the '7th Commercial courts judges counselling' at the Westin Panorama hotel. Judges Web realized the idea of the High Commercial Court regarding the liquidation of bankruptcy debtor's assets. Judges Web developed the portal where is possible, in one place -, to see which bankruptcy debtor's assets are currently on sale.
Up to this time bankruptcy trustees had the obligation to publish the ads on sale of assets in daily press, but often happened that the ads went by unnoticed, or where written unclearly, so it was hard to understand what is actually on sale. It commonly resulted that the assets have been sold below the real price, whereof some individuals could have big interest. For this reason all those ads will be available at anytime on the Judges Web portal. Valuations of immovable assets, related photos, copies of cadastre plan and additional information will as well be available in a same place. Ads will be possible to search according to the type of assets, its price, or according to county where is on sale. Portal offers so far unavailable information about all the bankruptcy trustees in Croatia, about the assets on sale they manage together with the price, as well as the history of liquidations they managed. The project will be developed further during the next two years and most part will be financed through bilateral help for Croatia from the side of the Kingdom of Norway, which has already established successful cooperation with Judges Web. The Government plans to present the project to the general public during month of January because the project reflexes the Croatia's qualitative step forward in the judiciary reform.

Nacional, 12.12.2006.

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