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Question: What should I do when I need to start a court dispute but I don't have money to pay the lawyer?

Advice: Due to the new law on free legal help, first you go to the Office of State Administration and ask for reference for free legal help and then you can go to the lawyer of your choice. 

Who has right for free legal help? 
  • Beneficiary of some sort of social welfare
  • Beneficiary of financial support (according to Law about rights of Croatian defenders from War of Independence) 
  • Citizens with lower assets
  • Children in process of abstention
  • Victims of felony Asylum seekers and those granted asylum 
From the National Gazette no 62/08 about the Law on free legal help: 
(1) The procedure for approval of legal aid is instituted by submitting an application to the office. 
(2) Exceptionally, the procedure for approval of primary legal aid may be instituted by direct submission of an application to authorized associations, unions or legal clinics. 
1. The procedure for realizing legal aid 

Article 16 

(1) The application is to be submitted to the office on the prescribed form, and it is also necessary to enclose a written statement by the applicant and members of his/her household on their assets, and a written statement by the applicant and members of his/her household giving permission to inspect all data on assets and revenue. 
(2) As an exception to paragraph 1 of this Article, victims of domestic violence shali only submit the statement from paragraph 1 of this Article for themselves. 
(3) Asylum seekers and those granted asylum, foreigners under subsidiary protection, foreigners under temporary protection and victims of trafficking in human beings, shali enclose with their application a certificate on their status from the competent body. 
(4) Exceptionally, if a person applies directly to an authorized provider from Article 15, paragraph 2, along with the prescribed form he/she shali enclose a certificate from the tax administration on the amount of revenue of the applicant and members of his/her household and a statement by the applicant and members of his/her household on their assets. 
(5) The applicant from paragraph 4 of this Article who is the beneficiary of some other right from the social welfare system and other forms of support shali include with the application a certificate from the competent centre for social welfare on the type and amount of support received in the last twelve months or who is a beneficiary the right to maintenance pursuant to the Act on the Rights of Croatian Homeland War Veterans and members of their Families, and the Act on Protectian of Military and Civilian War Invalids, shali include with the application a certificate ar copy of the ruling on maintenance.

Ulične svjetiljke, October 2009.

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